Ep. 144: DigCit Academy With Marialice Curran And Eugenia Tamez

In this episode, I chat with Marialice Curran and Eugenia Tamez from the DigCit Institute while at FETC. They recently launched a brand new workshop called the DigCit Academy. It was an absolute hit at FETC and they are planning on taking this show on the road! It was actually so popular that as we were recording, attendee and friend of theirs Ron Madison recognized them and jumped into the conversation mid interview. This was a first for the show but shows the impact of this DigCit Academy. Peep our conversation and get ready because this will not be the last time you hear about the DigCit Academy.  Buen Provecho!

About Marialice Curran

I​​nternationally recognized as a digital citizenship pioneer, Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran is an author, consultant, and speaker who is the global connector behind the Digital Citizenship Institute, Digital Citizenship Summit, and DigCitKids. With her son, she co-authored DigCitKids: Lessons Learning Side-by-Side to Empower Others Around the World. Committed to Human-Centered Design, Dr. Curran leads by hand, heart, and mind as she models how to make a positive impact in local, global, and digital communities. Dr. Curran has served as an associate professor, a middle school principal, and middle school teacher. As a connected educator, her work with school communities around the world has created positive and powerful shifts in how we engage and learn online.

About Eugenia Tamez

Consultant, conference organizer, website editor and writer, social media manager, translator, and speaker. Now part of the Digital Citizenship Institute to amplify and make a positive impact along Latin American countries. #DigCitSummitMX and #DigCitSummit LATAM organizer. Researcher and writer, collaborations, English – Spanish translations in different printed and electronic media on topics of technology, education, and digital citizenship.

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