Ep. 53: Eujon And Coaching As A Tech Director

In this special FETC featured presenter episode, I chat with Eujon Anderson to discuss how he coaches as a tech director. He has an interesting take on coaching which is “Act like an admin, think like a teacher.” He gives great advice for anyone looking to be a better leader. Buen provecho!

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Ep. 52: Changes For 2020 And Garlic Noodles With Jumbo Shrimp

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! In this solo episode I chat about what changes I’m making for 2020 and ask the listeners some questions about how to go about making change. This is a 10 minute episode that is easy to digest (no pun intended) but will make you think about what to change about yourself in 2020. In addition, I chow down on some garlic noodles with jumbo shrimp. The full recipe will be posted later this week on the site. Buen provecho!

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Ep. 51: Brianna, Coaching, FETC, and Texas Tacos

In this episode, I chat with Brianna Hodges to discuss her sessions at FETC, specifically, coaching sessions. She has some great insight on what it takes to be an educational coach. In addition, she also discusses the importance of storytelling in education. And what’s an episode of EdTech Bites without some food talk, right?! Find out what kind of tacos she orders when she hits the taco spot. Buen provecho!

About Brianna

Learner. Listener. Leader. Storyteller. Texas EdTech of the Year (2017). K12 Administrator to Watch (2018). National Advisor and Spokesperson for Future Ready Instructional Coaches. An experienced school and district leader with a superpower for storytelling (Bri spent 10+ years as a PR exec) and developing capacity, Brianna works with school districts across the country to transform learning for all ages and stages. Let’s rewrite the story of what school has been and provide purpose to practice, and institute innovative change together.

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Ep. 50: Sara, Synth, And East Coast Italian Food

In this episode, I chat with Sara Candela from Synth to discuss what Synth is, how to start podcasting with your students using Synth, and what Synth 2.0 will be in the near future. In addition, she discusses her love for east coast Italian food and how she’s adapted to west coast eats. So if you’re wanting to start podcasting with your students, tune in, get yourself a bowl of pasta, and enjoy! Buen provecho!

About Sara

Sara taught high school English in New York for 15 years before moving to Los Angeles in January 2018 to figure out how to work in the podcast industry full time. As part of that journey, she also wanted to see if she could incorporate working with students on podcasting, as that was a goal of hers right before she left the classroom. Last year, Sara launched From Bell to Bell, a podcast where she talks to teachers around the world about how media influences the way we think about school and education. After learning the ins and outs of podcast production working for a small production company for over a year, Sara now works in teacher and podcaster relations, as well as product development for Synth, a micro-podcasting platform popular with teachers, and poised to take over the podcast marketplace.

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Ep. 49: Google Certifications, Chad, Maria, and Popeye’s

In this episode, I sit down with my good friends Chad Belford and Maria Garcia. We answer the question, “How does being a Google Certified Educator make me a better educator?” We all give our personal answers to this as well as read a couple of answers from other educators who answered this same question on Twitter and Instagram. Oh and did I mention that we do this while each enjoying a Popeye’s chicken sandwich?! So grab your favorite chicken sandwich, tune in, and as always, Buen Provecho!

About Chad

Chad Belford is an Instructional Technology Specialist for North East ISD by day, lucky husband & proud father by night. He enjoys learning new things and teaching others. Adding new tools and strategies to your toolkit is his game, engaging kiddos in the classroom is his aim. 🙂

About Maria

Maria Garcia-Rios is an Instructional Technology Specialist in San Antonio, Texas. She is always ready to talk about differentiated instruction, empowering students to have a voice in their learning, and supporting educators in their learning journey. Her greatest joy is being a kid with kids and making each learning environment one that all students can enjoy.

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Ep. 48: Joey And The New Flipgrid

In this episode, I catch up with Joey Taralson from Flipgrid to talk about the Flipgrid updates. I first linked up with Joey for Episode 3 of the podcast so make sure you check out that episode as well to really understand where they were two years ago and where they are now. Make sure you subscribe, leave a review, and tell a friend about the show. Buen Provecho!

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Ep. 47: Beginning Of The Year Keynote and Carbonara

Season 3 is under way folks! In this episode, I give my beginning of the year keynote that is directed to admin, coaches, tech coaches, teachers, and students. I do this while eating my favorite pasta ever, bucatini carbonara. Tune in to hear what I have to say to YOU to motivate you this school year. Buen provecho!


  • Admin, coaches, tech coaches: 4:51
  • Teachers: 11:20
  • Students: 19:30

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