Ep. 25: Sarah, EduMatch, and Vegetarian Cuisine

In this episode, I chat with Sarah Thomas to discuss EduMatch and the importance of connecting educators. No, EduMatch is not a dating site for educators. It’s Sarah’s brainchild that connects like-minded educators. All this while being a vegetarian! Sarah is the first guest on the podcast who is a strict vegetarian and is proud of it. Check it out for yourself and be sure to connect with EduMatch and Sarah with a plate of vegetarian lasagne! Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a review, and tell a friend about the podcast. Buen provecho!

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Ep. 24: Ryan, PBL, and BBQ

In this episode, I sit down and break bread with Dr. Ryan Sprott, teacher at International School of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas. He incorporates Project Based Learning in his class and does a great job at it. He gives us some tips as well as some insight on some of his favorite topics he discusses with his students. Not only does he teach, he also is involved with the Buck Institute for Education¬†and the Borderland Collective. Check these out for ideas and examples of PBL in action. In addition, check out the School Reform Initiative for more examples of how PBL is changing the way teachers teach. All of this…while we chowed down on some authentic Texas BBQ! Man, was it good!

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Ep. 23: Mike and Sketchnotes

Did someone say “Sketchnotes”? In episode 23, I chat with the man who coined the term “sketchnotes”, Mike Rohde. This is an exciting one for me because I’ve really gone down the sketchnote rabbit hole and find this low-tech, highly-cognitive method fascinating. Tune in to hear his insight as well as how, when, and why he began this movement. If you’d like to learn more about sketchnotes, check out his website and make sure you grab a copy of his books, “The Sketchnote Handbook” and “The Sketchnote Workbook”. So sit tight, grab a pen and sketchbook, and dig in! Buen provecho!


Ep. 22: Noah and #RedforEd

In this very special and important episode, I chat with Noah Karvelis, the man behind the #RedforEd movement in Arizona. If you’re unfamiliar with this movement, check it out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s all about convincing the powers that be that Arizona teachers need better pay. Listen for yourself and hear what all the buzz is about directly from the man, Noah. There’s no food talk on this episode, just food for thought.


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Ep. 21: Dan And The #PioNearSummit (Mashup In Hollywood)

In this mashup episode, I sit down with Dan Kreiness while at the Nearpod PioNear Summit in Hollywood Beach, FL. Not only are Dan and I fellow PioNears, we’re also podcasters. He is the creator and host of The Leader Of Learning Podcast which focuses on leadership, specifically in education. While at the summit, we linked up with fellow PioNears and made the best connections ever, human connections. We discussed all things Nearpod, education, leadership, and of course, food. The good folks at Nearpod treated us like royalty and gave us all a unique opportunity to interact and mingle with like-minded, passionate educators…in Miami…in February…where it was 82 degrees! Not only did we see other PioNears, many of us saw things like wild iguanas, manatees, baby hammerhead sharks, and jellyfish on the beach. We saw these with our eyes and not our hands. Anyway, here’s the episode and a huge shout out the all #NearpodPioNear folks and the Nearpod staff for this unique event. Buen Provecho!

Ep. 20: Laura, Hyperdocs, and Sandwiches

In this episode, I sit down and break bread with Laura Moore to discuss her addiction to Hyperdocs. She manages not one, but two separate blogs. Learn Moore Stuff is specific to teachers and Rock The Lab is designed with students in mind. This interview took place at La Panaderia sandwich shop here in San Antonio so next time you’re in town, check it out. The Cubana is my personal favorite! Please subscribe to the podcast on your podcast player of choice so you don’t miss out when a new episode drops and make sure you leave a review. Buen provecho!

Ep. 19: #NotAtTCEA And Why You Need To Attend Conferences

In this episode, I discuss how I attended TCEA 2018 without actually attending TCEA 2018. I met up with the good folks from Nearpod and Flipgrid at a dinner each company hosted and more importantly, caught up with my friends and fellow #edtech folks whom I have connected with on social media. I also discuss the most important outcome of attending conferences like this, the human connections that are made as a result. In case you haven’t hear of the EdTexicans, you will in this episode. Check it out and as always, buen provecho!