Ep. 145: iCollaborate: Building A Powerful PLN With Kelli Coons And Ainsley Hill

In this episode, I chat with Kelli Coons and Ainsley Hill while at FETC. They share their story on how they met and built a powerful course, iCollaborate, all virtually! They then met in person for the first time to get this thing off of the ground at FETC. We also discuss how this session helps instructional coaches build and learn from their PLN. Us coaches often times work in silos and need that support group to grow and learn with. And what’s an episode without some food talk! Listen to hear what dish has been their favorite in New Orleans while attending the FETC conference. Buen Provecho!

About Kelli Coons

Kelli Coons is currently a District Elementary Digital Innovation Specialist for Spartanburg District Five in South Carolina.  Previously she has served as an Elementary Literacy Coach, Curriculum Coach, and as a classroom teacher.  Her participation in the Dynamic Learning Project, allowed her to work with Google for Education, Digital Promise, and Edtech Team.  This fellowship focused on providing personalized professional development to all teachers in order to ensure effective technology integration.  As one of the organizers of Edcamp Greenville since the origination in 2016, she is passionate about providing engaging professional development opportunities for educators.  She has had the opportunity to present on effective technology integration and the Edcamp model at conferences in the Carolinas, FETC,  as well as several ISTE conferences.

About Ainsley Hill

Ainsley Hill is an Instructional Technology Facilitator at Arlington Community Schools supporting Donelson Elementary School in Arlington, Tennessee. Ainsley provides training to teachers and students and coaches her faculty in technology integration. Ainsley aspires to inspire teachers to make learning more meaningful and creative by using technology as their avenue to enhance learning. When Ainsley isn’t serving as the technology facilitator and coach in her school, she is presenting in her district and at conferences across the U.S. about accessibility, the power of growing your PLN, and apps in the classroom.

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Ep. 188 | Shapegrams With Tony Vincent: By The End, You Will Have Groan! EdTech Bites Podcast

We want to take this moment to thank our sponsor – Wakelet. Wakelet has been changing the game when it comes to student portfolios. The platform is helping students across the US showcase tangible evidence of their success in creative and personalized ways. Wakelet portfolios boost college readiness, and help students share their skills and achievements in ways that go beyond just test scores. For teachers, Wakelet is a powerful tool for sharing learning resources, creating lesson plans, and boosting collaboration in your classes. Help your learners redefine student success, and outshine their test scores with Wakelet Portfolios. Head to wakelet.com/portfolios to learn more, and sign up for a free account today.   In this episode, I chat with Tony Vincent about his educational journey. Tony and I have crossed paths years ago and here we are years later, full circle. He now focuses on Shapegrams. I know what you’re thinking… what the heck are Shapegrams? Well, tune into this episode to find out what they are and how YOU can utilize these in your classroom. This conversation was recorded at the TCCA conference in Aldine, Texas. This is the last of 9 episodes from the TCCA conference and what better way to end this series than with Tony Vincent. Buen provecho!   Connect With Gabriel Carrillo EdTech Bites Website: https://edtechbites.com EdTech Bites Twitter: https://twitter.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites Instagram: https://instagram.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQCZcyW4BkCFQ5P2BLK61xg   About Tony Vincent Tony Vincent started teaching fifth grade in Omaha 26 years ago. Several years later he took on the role of his school's technology coach. Eventually he left school teaching to be a self-employed consultant, sharing friendly ways for teachers to reach, empower, and inspire their students. Tony is a prolific sharer, approachable, and consistently selects practical tools and strategies that can be implemented right away. Tony went back to teaching for the 2018-2019 school year in Council Bluffs, where his fifth graders became Chromebook superusers and creative communicators. Tony posts lots of handy tech tips on social media, and he hosts a series of digital drawing challenges for kids called Shapegrams. Most importantly, Tony is the father of 10 year old twins.    Connect With Tony Vincent Tony’s Website: https://learninginhand.com/ Tony on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tonyvincent Tony On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/learninginhand Tony On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learninginhand/ Tony On Threads: https://www.threads.net/@learninginhand

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