Ep. 177 | Lightspeed: The Impact of Classroom Acoustics with Ray Young

👉🏼 This episode is sponsored by Lightspeed. To learn more about how Lightspeed can assist you with instructional audio and acoustics in the classroom, visit https://www.lightspeed-tek.com/

In this episode, I give you the reasons I haven’t dropped an episode in a month. You’re going to want to hear why, trust me! I also delve into a critical yet often overlooked aspect of education: classroom acoustics. Join me as I chat with Ray Young from Lightspeed to explore the profound influence of acoustics on both teachers and students in the classroom. Discover how Lightspeed, a leading innovator in classroom audio solutions, is revolutionizing the educational experience. From enhancing teacher instruction to boosting student engagement, Ray reveals how the right acoustic environment can make all the difference in the classroom Buen provecho!

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About Ray Young

Ray Young is the Director of Education Design & Development at Lightspeed. A 100 percent employee-owned company, Lightspeed is on a mission to help every student hear every word. 

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