Ep. 178 | Unlocking Insights: Analyzing Trends in Special Education with Andrew Henry From Stepwell

👉🏼 This episode is sponsored by Stepwell. To learn more about how Stepwell can help you monitor your Special Education data, visit https://stepwelled.com/

In this episode, I chat with Andrew Henry from Stepwell. He’s passionate about analyzing data and Stepwell does just that. They focus on the Special Education caseload in schools to give educators insight into their Special Education population trends. This is a wonderful conversation into the world of compliance and civil rights. Peep it and see if Stepwell has what your district has been missing. Buen provecho!

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About Andrew Henry

Andrew Henry is the founder of Red Cedar Solutions Group, the company responsible for building Stepwell, an online platform for managing Special Education compliance and improvement. Andrew is passionate about the value of data and analytics, design thinking and innovation to address some of the most challenging issues confronting society today: educating our children effectively, especially our most vulnerable populations, and managing complex and increasingly rapid change in organizations.

Prior to founding Red Cedar in 2006, Andrew has been a part of the education community in many different roles:

•        High School English Teacher
•        District Technology Director
•        Michigan State University, College of Education, Program Director and Researcher
•        State of Michigan, Director of the Center for Educational Performance and Information
•        Chief Officer for Research and Development at Learning Point Associates/North Central Regional Education Laboratory

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