Ep. 166: First Time At ISTE With Cathy Masrour and Craig Nicholls

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In this episode, I chat with Cathy Masrour and Craig Nicholls. This is their first time at ISTE Live so we discuss what sessions they are ready to hit, what social events they’re geared up for, and their expectations. Cathy is from Long Island, New York and Craig Nicholls came to Philly from Melbourne, Australia! Talk about frequent flier miles! I’m planning to catch up with them after ISTE is over to see what they actually got out of it. Peep this episode! To connect with Cathy and Craig, use the links below. Buen provecho!

Connect With Gabriel Carrillo

About Cathy Masrour

Catherine Masrour is a librarian educator living on Long Island.  She is the 2022 SSLMA School Librarian of the Year.  Catherine has a doctorate in Education: Learning and Leadership and her interests are in the Library Learning Commons model, 21st-century learning, makerspaces, reluctant readers, and ELL students.  She runs a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting STEM enrichment opportunities for students in her community.  And, she is a former Peace Corps volunteer who served in Morocco.

About Craig Nicholls

Craig, with over 25 years of experience in teaching, specializes in K-10 Digital Technologies and promotes its integration across all subjects. He currently serves as the Director of Digital Learning at Melbourne Girls Grammar, where he works with teachers and students to improve the use of technology. Craig holds key roles in professional bodies like the Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria Committee and the Australian Council of Computers in Education. Additionally, he is recognized as an ISTE Community Leader, Adobe Education Leader, and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Connect With Cathy Masrour

Connect With Craig Nicholls

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