Ep. 165: First Time At ISTE With Ronda Blevins and Jennifer Mitchell

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In this episode, I chat with Ronda Blevins and Jennifer Mitchell. This is their first time at ISTE Live so we discuss what they packed, what sessions they are ready to hit, and their expectations. They are great guests and were eager to discuss what they plan to get out of this conference. I’m planning to catch up with them after ISTE is over to see what they actually got out of it. Peep this episode! To connect with Ronda and Jennifer, use the links below. Buen provecho!

Connect With Gabriel Carrillo

About Ronda Blevins

Dr. Ronda Blevins is an assistant professor of education and director of the job-embedded practitioner program at Carson-Newman University in East TN.  She’s ISTE Certified, a community leader, and part of the new Higher Ed Collective group.  She is also co-host the Perfect Chaos Podcast (a podcast about all things education) with her husband.  She got into the field of education through a different path, but is determined to make a difference in the lives of her students and their future students.  She is also in the process of building/creating the EAGLE Technology Lab, a place where future and current teachers can test out a variety of technology tools and find new ways to integrate technology into their classrooms.

About Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer is from Westchester, NY and lives in northern VT. She’s married with 2 kids (19 and 17). She has taught PreK-Grade 6 and after teaching 6th-grade for 10 years just finished year 2 of being the Education Technology Integrationist at her school. 

Connect With Ronda Blevins

Connect With Jennifer Mitchell

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