Ep. 172: Longevity in Podcasting: A Conversation With The EduTech Guys

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In this episode, I chat about longevity in podcasting with David Henderson and Jeff Madlock AKA, The EduTech Guys. These guys have been in the edtech podcasting game for over 10 years and have over 1,000 episodes in conference coverage alone! These are my favorite edtech podcasters and I had the opportunity to chat with them on my show about what it takes to stay in the game for so long. Peep the episode to hear the organic, in-person conversation Listen to it and share it with others. To connect with David and Jeff, use the links below. Buen provecho!

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About David and Jeff AKA The EduTech Guys

EduTechGuys is a high-intensity rollercoaster ride of super fun which takes mortal form in the two distinct entities which are David Henderson and Jeff Madlock. Crafted in the fires of Mt. Wannahockaluggie, these two self-proclaimed high priests of edtech first started navigating the world of educational technology on the web through a podcast, over a ravine in a rainstorm in 2015 (Sharkbait, ooh ha ha). Since then the two have traveled the nation bringing their joy for silly puns and more importantly sharing the journey of each educator they encounter.

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