Ep. 132: Keeping Our Students Safe With Linewize

In this episode, I chat with Ross Young, executive vice president of Linewize, while at the FETC conference. Linewize is a fast-growing EdTech company with an emphasis on tech for good. The company aims to take a unique approach to digital safety and well-being with a focus on mental health. Linewize helps empower educators and parents to instill healthy digital habits in kids. They now serve more than 11 million students globally. To ensure they continue to prioritize their mission of student safety and digital well-being, the company has a number of exciting announcements of services to further bring their communities together. 

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Connect With Linewize

Unpacking The "F" Word In Education! EdTech Bites Podcast

In this episode, I unpack the infamous “F” word in education…FUN! Why is it that we can’t have fun? Do our teachers and students think that school is fun? Do YOU think school is fun? Why or why not? Check out this episode and let me know what you think. No food, just food for thought.  Buen provecho!   Connect With Gabriel Carrillo EdTech Bites Website: https://edtechbites.com EdTech Bites Twitter: https://twitter.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites Instagram: https://instagram.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQCZcyW4BkCFQ5P2BLK61xg
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