Ep. 110: Take AIM At Digital Learning, Jed, And Tacos

In this episode, I chat with Jed Stefanowicz about his book “Take AIM At Digital Learning”. This book was released through X-Factor Publishing and is available now. We chat about what “AIM” means while we chow down on some tacos. It’s a great conversation filled with nuggets for all educators in this post-pandemic world we’re in. Grab a couple of tacos and get ready to learn ways to engage learners through Digital Learning. Buen provecho!

Connect With Gabriel Carrillo

Connect With Jed Stefanowicz

Ep. 112: 2022-2023 Beginning Of The Year Keynote And Carbonara! EdTech Bites Podcast

In this episode, I deliver my Beginning of the Year Keynote for the 2022-2023 school year. This episode is giving you food for thought on this school year with the focus on when to “Adjust The Temperature.” And what better dish to cook while delivering this keynote than pasta Carbonara.  This episode is also available on YouTube so check it out to see the ingredients and entire cooking process. Buen provecho! YouTube Video Of Keynote https://youtu.be/N1YjIAx0GMI Connect With Gabriel Carrillo EdTech Bites Website: https://edtechbites.com EdTech Bites Twitter: https://twitter.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites Instagram: https://instagram.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/edtechbites EdTech Bites YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQCZcyW4BkCFQ5P2BLK61xg
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