Ep. 173: Unleashing STEM Creativity: Magicbits – The Key to Innovation w/ Ranjan de Costa And Migara Amithodhana

In this episode, I chat Magicbit STEM Education Kits with Ranjan de Costa and Migara Amithodhana. Don’t know what Magicbits are? No problem! These kits are designed for students to unleash their creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills in the classroom. Students program them to complete all sorts of tasks. The best part is that they can be used by those who have no coding experience to even the savviest of coders. To connect with OmniPro, Ranjan, and Migara, use the links below. Buen provecho!

Connect With Gabriel Carrillo

About Ranjan de Costa

In 1991, Ranjan de Costa founded OmniPro as a San Francisco Bay Area VAR (Value Added Reseller) and today, OmniPro is a computer systems integrator and IT supplier. Ranjan de Costa’s goal has always been to help students in need, schools without tech resources, as well as the government and education markets with budget short-falls.

Connect With OmniPro and Magicbit

About Migara Amithodana

With a degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering, Migara has been involved in developing technical solutions for various fields in Sri Lanka. He has more than 8 years of experience in the ICT industry and is a co-founder of Magicbit which promotes innovation and creativity for the next generation.

Connect With Amithodana

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