Ep. 170: From Impact To Influence: Inspiration With Jed Stefanowicz And Manuel Herrera

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In this episode, I chat with Jed Stefanowicz and Manuel Herrera to discuss the power of influence by being a rule breaker and changemaker. We chat about Jed’s new book, Impact To Influence, as well as Manny’s path through the EdTech landscape. This is a great episode and will probably not be the last one you hear amongst the three of us. Listen to it and share it with others. To connect with Jed and Manuel, use the links below. Buen provecho!

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About Jed Stefanowicz

Jed Stefanowicz provides job-embedded professional development, leadership, and instructional coaching for academic technology. Through conferences, workshops, and coaching, Jed aims to engage and build staff/student digital learning capacity, keeping the focus on practice over product. As a 28 year elementary educator, speaker, blogger, and former Massachusetts Teach Plus Policy Fellow, Jed shares his passion for effective tech integration to transform teaching and learning, creating engaging and equitable digital learning environments and experiences that activate, innovate, and motivate digital learning. He is the Author of Take AIM at Digital Learning: Activate, Innovate, Motivate, and Impact to Influence

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