Ep. 161: Hip Hop In The Classroom: Flowin’ w/ Mike Judd From Flocabulary

In this episode, I chat with Mike Judd from Flocabulary. He’s the Senior Curriculum Manager at Nearpod and an actual Hip Hop MC! He takes us through the journey of how a Flocabulary song goes from idea to published song. There are a lot of moving parts to this to ensure that the finished product is worthy of being a part of the Flocabulary library and ultimately, a teacher’s playlist for students. To learn more, listen to this episode. To connect with Flocabulary and Nearpod, use the links below. Buen provecho!

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About Mike Judd

Mike Judd is the Senior Curriculum Manager at Nearpod. He’s been with the Nearpod team since 2018.

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