Gearing Up For ISTE: 10 Things You Need To Pack For ISTE Live 23!

In this episode, I give you 10 things that you need to pack with you for ISTE Live 23 in Philadelphia! This episode is for all ISTE goers… first timers and frequent flyers. Whether this is your first or tenth ISTE, You will be reminded of something to take with you to ISTE. These conferences can be overwhelming so these 10 things can help alleviate some stress and help you get the best out of ISTE. One of the items on my list is what I’m enjoying while recording this episode. I sip on some water with a Liquid I.V. hydration packet for my “bite” in this episode. So make sure you listen to this episode before you pack and share it with someone who is also attending ISTE Live 23. Buen provecho and we’ll see you in Philly!

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