Digital Storytelling, Media Creation, And Cheeseburgers With Tim Needles

In this episode, we sit down with Tim Needles, an educator and advocate for digital storytelling in the classroom. We explore the topic of digital media creation and its role in engaging students and promoting critical thinking while breaking bread at Chris Madrids in San Antonio, Texas. They make a bangin’ homestyle burger that you really can’t find anywhere else.

We start by discussing the importance of digital storytelling and how it can help students develop skills such as writing, research, and media literacy. Tim shares his insights on the benefits of using digital tools and platforms to create engaging stories that resonate with students.

We also delve into the topic of media creation, exploring the different tools and techniques that students can use to produce high-quality content. Tim shares his tips for creating compelling multimedia projects in the classroom that will make your students come back to your class for more. This is an awesome conversation that really sparked my own creativity and made me want to go and create something new for my teachers. This episode is a must-listen for educators interested in harnessing the power of digital media to engage students and promote critical thinking. With insights from Tim Needles, you’ll walk away with actionable strategies for incorporating digital storytelling and media creation into your classroom. And it will make you crave a burger as well! Buen provecho!

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