Have Parents Send An Inspiring Message To Their Student Using Flipgrid!

It’s that time of year again. State testing is just around the corner. As a matter of fact, some districts (especially here in Texas) have already started the STAAR state tests. Our students come to school nervous, scared, and anxious to sit through hours of state testing. For some of our students, this will be the first time they take a high stakes state test in a classroom in two years.

This is simple to do. Click here to view the original topic I’ve created in my Flipgrid account. Make a copy of this to your own library. When you edit the details, make sure you Moderate Responses and Comments and set a guest password, this way parents can record their videos (Watch the video below). Once they’ve submitted their videos, show the videos to your students or drop the link to their parent’s specific video to them. This is a great way to bring parents into the classroom with technology. Enjoy the responses that come in and have a great Teacher Appreciation Week!

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