Educator Rocket League Tournament 2.0

This past summer, I toyed around with the idea of hosting a 2 vs. 2 Rocket League Tournament. It was intended for educators to get together with a family member to game together in the spirit of ol’ fashioned fun. Well, it didn’t really go down like I planned. At the time, Rocket League was a paid game and most people who reached out never played it. Well guess what?! Rocket League is now free on all platforms and what a better time to play with a family member than during the Winter Break of this global pandemic! So here it is… Rocket League 2 vs. 2 Tournament… January 2nd, 2021 at 2pm CT. Get together with your child, nephew, niece, cousin, step-son, mother-in-law, distant second cousin’s nephew, or anyone who you could game with. The game is free on all platforms and requires an Epic Games account (Epic…the ones who host Fortnite). This is all in the name of fun in the educational community. If you are interested, fill out the Google Form below with your information. We’ll see you online and do not forget to subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already done so. Stay safe!

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