Ep. 68: Marshall, The Tumble Science Podcourse, and Gazpacho

In this episode, I chat with Marshall Escamilla of the Tumble Science Podcast to discuss their upcoming podcourse that will be available July 28th. This course will make you think twice about what’s living around you in your home. Marshall currently lives in Barcelona, Spain so he also shares a refreshing gazpacho recipe with us. So kick your feet up with a glass of gazpacho and enjoy. Buen provecho!

About Marshall

Marshall Escamilla has been a classroom teacher since 2003, and has covered nearly every subject taught in high school–except science! In 2015, with his wife Lindsay Patterson, he began co-hosting the Tumble Science Podcast for Kids, a podcast that aims to share the process of science and the joy of discovery with kids aged 6-12.

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