Ep. 50: Sara, Synth, And East Coast Italian Food

In this episode, I chat with Sara Candela from Synth to discuss what Synth is, how to start podcasting with your students using Synth, and what Synth 2.0 will be in the near future. In addition, she discusses her love for east coast Italian food and how she’s adapted to west coast eats. So if you’re wanting to start podcasting with your students, tune in, get yourself a bowl of pasta, and enjoy! Buen provecho!

About Sara

Sara taught high school English in New York for 15 years before moving to Los Angeles in January 2018 to figure out how to work in the podcast industry full time. As part of that journey, she also wanted to see if she could incorporate working with students on podcasting, as that was a goal of hers right before she left the classroom. Last year, Sara launched From Bell to Bell, a podcast where she talks to teachers around the world about how media influences the way we think about school and education. After learning the ins and outs of podcast production working for a small production company for over a year, Sara now works in teacher and podcaster relations, as well as product development for Synth, a micro-podcasting platform popular with teachers, and poised to take over the podcast marketplace.

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