Ep. 49: Google Certifications, Chad, Maria, and Popeye’s

In this episode, I sit down with my good friends Chad Belford and Maria Garcia. We answer the question, “How does being a Google Certified Educator make me a better educator?” We all give our personal answers to this as well as read a couple of answers from other educators who answered this same question on Twitter and Instagram. Oh and did I mention that we do this while each enjoying a Popeye’s chicken sandwich?! So grab your favorite chicken sandwich, tune in, and as always, Buen Provecho!

About Chad

Chad Belford is an Instructional Technology Specialist for North East ISD by day, lucky husband & proud father by night. He enjoys learning new things and teaching others. Adding new tools and strategies to your toolkit is his game, engaging kiddos in the classroom is his aim. 🙂

About Maria

Maria Garcia-Rios is an Instructional Technology Specialist in San Antonio, Texas. She is always ready to talk about differentiated instruction, empowering students to have a voice in their learning, and supporting educators in their learning journey. Her greatest joy is being a kid with kids and making each learning environment one that all students can enjoy.

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