Ep. 41: Lauren, Corn Tortillas, and Digital Breakouts

This is part 2 of a 4 part series, “Getting Ready For Testing”. In this episode, I chat with Lauren Snyder to discuss Digital Breakouts and or course, corn tortillas! We discuss what a digital breakout is, how to get started on one, and the pedagogy behind them. Tune in and check it out for yourself! Buen Provecho!

Lauren works as an Instructional Technology Specialist in NEISD and is passionate about breaking down barriers and crushing norms in education. She is married and has two small children (HELP) and in her free time (haha) she enjoys pretending she’s an international musical sensation. You’re welcome.

[audio: http://edtechbites.libsyn.com/ep-41-lauren-corn-tortillas-and-digital-breakouts%5D

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