Ep. 21: Dan And The #PioNearSummit (Mashup In Hollywood)

In this mashup episode, I sit down with Dan Kreiness while at the Nearpod PioNear Summit in Hollywood Beach, FL. Not only are Dan and I fellow PioNears, we’re also podcasters. He is the creator and host of The Leader Of Learning Podcast which focuses on leadership, specifically in education. While at the summit, we linked up with fellow PioNears and made the best connections ever, human connections. We discussed all things Nearpod, education, leadership, and of course, food. The good folks at Nearpod treated us like royalty and gave us all a unique opportunity to interact and mingle with like-minded, passionate educators…in Miami…in February…where it was 82 degrees! Not only did we see other PioNears, many of us saw things like wild iguanas, manatees, baby hammerhead sharks, and jellyfish on the beach. We saw these with our eyes and not our hands. Anyway, here’s the episode and a huge shout out the all #NearpodPioNear folks and the Nearpod staff for this unique event. Buen Provecho!

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